When is the right time to start looking for a wedding tie?

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According to Brides.com, the average engagement is between 12 and 18 months. So we all know finding the perfect dress is the central focus of when preparing for a wedding. But, when is it time to start looking for the perfect ties for your groom and groomsmen? Let’s find out together!

First off, you need to pick the main colors for your wedding. You’re not going to search for ties until you know which colors will be in your wedding. You’re not going to get a red tie if it doesn’t match your color scheme.

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Once you choose your color scheme, you should start looking right away! Now I know what you’re thinking. Why didn’t I just say that first? Well, that doesn’t make a good Blog Post now does it? Plus we need to explain why it’s important to look for your tie right away.

You need to start searching for the perfect tie as soon as possible because you need time to browse, purchase, test, compare, make returns if needed and distribute them to groomsmen! You only want to purchase ties from a company that offers free returns. Why? Well, this gives you the freedom to purchase any tie knowing that you can return it if it isn’t the perfect match. This is why we offer free fast shipping and offer no hassle free returns if you just don’t love your new tie.

This whole process can take weeks. Especially if you assign the groom to do it! Also, most companies who sell ties will offer a discount when purchasing multiple. Be sure to inquire them for a discount when purchasing multiples. In fact, we offer couples discounts when purchasing multiple ties. We have given discounts up to 33% off the entire order! So be sure to leave enough time in the purchasing process to exchange some emails or phone calls with the business. It might just save you some money!

Of course, after such a small post we’re going to market ourselves! We here at BLUMEN Fashion care deeply about your big day. This is why we provide high quality, handmade floral ties. Did we mention affordable? You can save big with our bulk order discounts, especially if you are supplying ties for an army of Groomsmen. We hope you think of us when looking for ties for your event or wedding!

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