Are Ties Going Out of Style?

The modern necktie, to a certain extent, have been around since the mid 1800’s. It is hard to imagine that the necktie has been around for nearly 200 years. But, even after all those years it is just now starting to see a decline in use. Company’s like Google, Amazon, and Apple are encouraging workers to ditch the ties.

Why are big company’s ditching the ties? Why is the modern business man seen not wearing a tie?

Floral Tie

Well, to some people the necktie is a symbol of oppression and slavery. The idea that something is around your neck is thought to encourage workers to work harder. Here at BLUMEN Fashion, we don’t believe ties need to symbolize these things. We believe that ties can be used as a way to express your personality, individuality, and character.

This is why we started selling floral ties. Floral ties are modern, trendy, fashionable, and they have the ability to appeal to a large amount of people. In recent years, millennials have noticed these attributes about floral ties and began wearing them. It is an easy way to show the world your personality. Ties are still being used on many occasions including weddings, important religious ceremonies, funerals, job interviews, court appearances, and fine dining experiences. Don’t be afraid to ditch your old solid or striped tie for a modern and sleek looking floral tie.

But, a question still stands, why is it so hard to find the right tie? We noticed that problem.

Our mission statement reads “Blumen Fashion was created to make a one stop destination for floral products online. It is built on the assumption that there is a need for affordable floral apparel. Blumen Fashion has that goal in mind. We make sure that our apparel is easy to find and easy to obtain at an affordable price.”

We hope to offer a wider variety of floral ties in the future in the attempt to help you find the right tie that reflects your personality. Thanks for supporting us in this endeavor.

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