The Floral Tie Trend

How much exactly are floral ties trending right now?

Floral Tie

Some people out there have never heard of a floral tie. Those people are becoming a minority. Floral ties are becoming more and more popular the past few years and are hitting new highs on googles search engine.

People are shying away from the typical stripe or plain look that you see often at church or similar events. Even at weddings, floral ties are becoming a big hit. They can go easily with the tone of the wedding and match the bride and her bouquet. The look of the stylish ties by themselves is sure to draw attention!

I am someone who’s priority is not to make sure everything matches, but at a wedding, this is a key idea in mind for those planning it. Floral ties add a certain texture and edge to a shirt or suit that makes it stand more than other traditional ties. They vary in patterns and colors and can be great for all sorts of occasions.

If that doesn’t convince you, here are some more reasons to invest in a floral tie today:

1. Dimensions - Our ties are the perfect width at about 2 inches or 5 centimeters. They are a bit slimmer than ordinary ties and just seem like the best fit for the average guy. The tie bar tack (stitch) is also an important feature in a tie. Ever have a tie that starts to get air pockets and looks like it is scrunching up? The reason may be from lack of a good stitch.

2. Design - Our high-quality ties were hand-picked for their designs and looks. We dug deep to find some of the best-looking ties around and we will continue to expand our collection in the future. Let us know what ties you are wanting and looking for!

3. Price - With our ties, you are not going to pay some crazy $40 to $60 to get a decent tie. Ours are competitively marked against other brands at $22. We occasionally have special deals and discounts, sign up for more of a chance to get these great offers! The last thing, on all orders you get free shipping, who wouldn’t want that?

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