How to take care of your new Floral Tie!

You would think as a company who sells floral ties, we would want you to ruin them quickly so you can buy another one. On the contrary, we want you to get the most use out of your new BLÜMEN Fashion tie, so you can keep getting those complements year after year.

So, here’s some advice on how to properly care for the new love in your life. (Don’t tell your girl.)

Let’s start!

1. Rotate ties – If you’re a guy who wears a tie every day, this is for you. Avoid wearing the same tie two or more days in a row. Now we all have our favorite tie that we want to wear every chance we get, just avoid the temptation to wear it two days in a row. You can use this as an excuse to have two favorite ties. *wink* *wink*

2. Storage – The best way to store your cotton ties is to either hang them up or to roll them up. To roll them up, just start with the small tip and tightly roll it all the way. Just don’t throw them in the corner like your other clothes; your tie demands more respect than that. Hanging them or rolling them will prevent permanent wrinkles.

3. Removing your tie – When coming home after a long day, we know all you want to do is rip off your tie and lay down. We get that, but by properly removing your tie you can save yourself a lot of hassle later. When removing your tie, it is best to untie the knot by reversing the method you used to tie the knot. Whatever you do, don’t leave your tie knotted; this leads to permanent wrinkles very quickly.

4. Wrinkles – Most wrinkles will remove themselves when hung up or rolled overnight. For more severe wrinkles, take a hot shower with your tie. No, we’re not suggesting wearing your tie into the shower, rather hang your tie up on the towel rack and let the steam take care of the rest.

5. Stains – This is the worst thing that can happen for your tie. Our floral ties are made to impress. So, if you’re going out to eat and dressing to impress with your new tie, be careful. We would suggest, if you’re about to dig into a slab of ribs, to remove your tie. Anyway, if you do end up with a stain on your tie, you can do a few things to help save it. You may use a damp cloth and dab the affected area or you can pick up a stain remover pen and use that as directed. If all else fails, take it to the dry cleaners.

We hope these tips helped! If you want to comment on any of these techniques or have some more advice, leave a comment below.

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