Our mission is to create a one-stop shopping experience for you. We know you came to us looking for a floral tie and we want you to find one. We know that you will be able to find one that you absolutely love.

Weddings & Events

We offer huge discounts to those ordering multiple ties for a wedding or other events!

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How to take care of your new floral tie.

5 simple steps to ensure your tie remains in pristine condition and lasts forever!


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Our Story

An Eventful Saturday Afternoon

On a Saturday, we the founders, went out looking for some new floral ties. We went to several men's clothing stores and were very unimpressed. Their selection of floral ties were either small, very expensive or cheap quality. We then went searching online to continue our quest and found similar results. 

We created Blumen Fashion to provide High Quality Floral Ties at an Affordable Price point. 

Were Solving this problem one sale at a time. You wont regret your decision!